“My work is an exploration into materials and their relationships with post-colonial countries. I am interested in the imbued histories materials, such as sugar, carry and how they also carry with them the stories of human transmission and the long lasting effects of colonialism on tropical “post-colonial” societies such as the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. I have experimented with the idea of “raw materials,” both sugarcane and spices, to discuss how trade and globalization, both now and in its infancy, have affected these locations in terms of migrations and cultural and economical development. The addiction to sugar demanded the transport of millions of people to Caribbean and islands of the Indian Ocean such as Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and Reunion.

After the abolition of slavery on the island of Mauritius, many newly freed slaves (also known as Creoles) became fishermen and subsequently established small fishing villages, particularly in the southern part of the island, rather than return to the cane fields to work for their former enslavers. Many of these fishing villages remain today and these fishing traditions have been passed down for generations. When creating my installations, I cast a small 3 foot boat, similar to the batos used by Mauritian fishermen in their villages, out of sugar. I envision the sugar bato to be accompanied with drawings on paper with small sugar replicas of fishing tackle, such as weights and hooks.”

Artist Andrea Chung


Sugar Boat Model, 2013

évier et bain #4
30″ x 40″
Digital ink jet print on archival photopaper

évier et bain #5
30″ x 40″
Digital ink jet print on archival photopaper

évier et bain #6
30″ x 40″
Digital ink jet print on archival photopaper




























































Invisible Cargo: Curry, 2007
47″ x 44 ½” x 58 ¼”, Spices/foodstuffs and mason jars on wooden shipping pallets. Ingredients from top to bottom: curry (pallets 1), chickpeas ( pallets 2), coconut, allspice, thyme (pallets 3), garlic, onion (pallets 4), and rice (pallets 5)

“Boopsie”, 2008
12″ x 10″
Digital Collage

Domino Cotta IV: Sweet farrin brawta, 2008
Collage on paper