Traveling Exhibit

a young collector’s selection of contemporary works
Curated by Schwanda Rountree

Previously exhibited at Carol Jazzar – Contemporary Art
158 NW 91 Street
Miami, FL 33150

Re-al-ized, curated by collector Schwanda Rountree at Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art in Miami, opens November 23, 2014 and is on view through December 21, 2014. This group exhibition features new works by artists Rountree has been following and/or collecting for several years: Willie Cole, Bethany Collins, Renee Cox, Allison Janae Hamilton, Jefferson Pinder and Shoshanna Weinberger.
Re-al-ized features drawings, photography, video and paintings that tackle relevant and provocative issues of African-American ethnic identity, coming from six distinctive voices. The works are about the energy derived from nature, the power of history, gender and sexuality, the body as an instrument of social critique, the diversity of language, and the transition of traditional forms of expression into the digital realm.
Through Re-al-ized, Rountree engages the vitality of the contemporary art market from her unique position as a young collector. She hopes to influence other young people who wish to build collections by fusing their passions and with awareness of art market trends.

Featured Artists:

Willie Cole
Bethany Collins
Allison Janae Hamilton
Jefferson Pinder 
Jamea Richmond-Edwards
Shoshanna Weinberger

Willie Cole
Five Beauties Rising 2012
Framed intaglio and relief on paper in five parts
62 x 21 inches


Allison Janae Hamilton
Haints at Swamp, 2014
30” x 24” C-print mounted on plexiglass with sintra backing
ed. of 7

Bethany Collins
Skin, 1953 III, 2014
30″ x 22″
Framed ink on American Masters paper

Jefferson Pinder
“Possum”, 2012
Digital Print
ed. of 5
36” x 27”

Jamea Richmond-Edwards
“Wings Not Meant to Fly”, 2012
ink, acrylic and mixed media collage on canvas
36″ x 36″

Shoshanna Weinberger
Muffin Top Banana Bottom, 2014
Framed Gouache on paper
74” x 60”